The National park of Manu covers the regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios, and features with an extension of 1 692 137 hectares. Since 1977 the National Park of Manu constitutes the hurt of the Biosphere Reserve of Manu, the same was declared as Natural Heritage by the UNESCO in 1987. Although the entrance in not permitted, the tourists can access to different authorized lodges. Actually, the National Park of Manu inhabit 30 rural communities and amazonic native communities, like Matsiguenka, Amahuanca, Yaminahua,Piro, Amarakaeri, Huashipaire and Nahua.


Tropical climate (warm and humid). The average temperature in May and August is 32 ° C (89 F), and varies from 25 ° C (77 F) to 42 ° C (107 F). Usually the maximum temperatures are between September and December and the minimum between May and July.
The following referential temperature and rainfall charts show the fluctuation along a typical year. Please note that due to climate changes temperature and rainfall expected may change sometimes.

We find two seasons in Manu. The dry season between April and September, being June and July the most dry months, and the rainy season between October and March being January and February the most representative months.

The following referential temperature and rainfall charts show the fluctuation along a typical year. Please note that due to climate changes temperature and rainfall expected may change sometimes.


The National Park features, with a huge diversity of species of animals: more than 800 species of birds like the Harpy Eagle, the Cock of the Rocks and ; 200 species of mammals like mono choro común el maquisapa negro, the Giant Otter , el jaguar, el tigrillo, el oso de anteojos y la taruca; and more tan 100 species of murciélagos. Also it can observe trees with more tan 45 meters high. The main species are the following: cetico, la topa, el cedro, el tornillo, la lupuna blanca y la mata palo.



To 280 km. Of the Cusco City, by the Cusco rode, until Altalaya community, continues by the river until Boca Manu (7 hours in boat). Then continues by the Madre de Dios river, until arrive to the park. Also is possible arrive to the Boca Manu, in avioneta from Cusco 45 minutes.



Tambo Blanquillo Lodge is operating since 1990 in the tropical jungle of Manu. It is our privilege and duty to protect and promote the cultural heritage of Peru and provide visitors with an authentic experience in the untouched natural landscape of the real Amazon basin.

Located near the Manu National Park, Tambo Blanquillo is surrounded by a variety of wildlife, biodiversity and genetic variables that don’t exist elsewhere in the world. It is an honor to share this ecological wonder with the world providing a safe, responsible and quality service.

Tambo Blanquillo is a typical Peruvian Amazon communal jungle building called “Maloca” in which one can feel safe and comfortable while still enjoying the surrounding wildlife. The main building is designed following the architectural guidelines of the natives. The housing is austere but surprisingly comfortable and ventilated, thanks to the design of the roof, which besides being high, has strategic ports on the top and sides that aid in heat dissipation.

The lodge’s roofs are made of corrugated plates of composite material that are highly insulating to temperature changes, that way we avoid cutting palm trees every three years for the replacement of traditional leaf roofs, thus avoiding deforestation. At night, lighting is possible thanks to solar panels that have charged all day, helping LED lights provide the necessary illumination in a, direct approach, also solar powered ceiling fans are available for the after lunch “siesta time”.

For the more demanding traveler that seeks the highest standard of comfort and luxury while traveling, we offer our private Bungalows or Deluxe cabins, these provide the guests with the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife experience in the ease of their “home away from home”. These rooms ensure the privacy and safety of our guests. Each area is comprised of a small living room area, which includes a hammock and a rocking chair, a private bathroom, fully equipped with hot water, fan and lights including two on the headrest for comfort and privacy. All energy including outlets for charging batteries, laptops and cellphones are from solar panels. The queen sized canopy bed is surrounded by hand crafted furniture pieces that are designed to keep the guests belongings and are arranged to organize clothing and other traveling gear. The Bungalows provides the most luxurious stay while visiting the Manu rainforest. There are also mosquito deterrents and fans.




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