We will drive 4 hours to the north of Callejon de Huaylas, passing through the typical towns of Carhuaz, Yungay, and Caraz. We will turn off to the mountains and arrive at Hualcayán. After sorting our gear, we will walk alongside pre-Inca ruins and over the immense and beautiful Hualcayán plateau to Hamana, where we will camp after a 3-hour walk. (3,100mt-10,165ft).


We continue in zigzag fashion to Huishcash. During the walk, we see Yanacocha Lake at the bottom of the canyon. Later, there is a point where we can see Azulcocha Lake and further on, the three imposing peaks of Mt. Santa Cruz (6,259mt-20, 529ft). We continue ascending to a lookout point, where we will have lunch overlooking beautiful Cullicocha Lake (4,600mt-15,088 ft). After lunch, we will continue to the pass known as Toropishtanan (“Bull-killing Place”- 4,850mt-15, 908ft): the highest part of the whole trip. Then we cross two smaller passes: Gallohuacrani (“Crest of the Rooster”) and Queso Carpunan (“Cheese-pressing place”). From here, there is a beautiful view of Mt. Milluacocha (5,817mt-19,055ft). Then we will descend to the camp at Osoruri (4,200mt-13,775ft). 8 hour walk.


We take a left turn to arrive at Jatun Vientona (“Great wind”) pass (4,750mt-15,580ft). It is worth making a stop here to contemplate Milluacocha (5,490mt-18,007 ft) and Pilanco (5,278mt-17,311ft). We descend to another small pass: Ichic Vientona (“Little Wind”) and then continue downwards, until we reach the shore of the Los Cedros canyon river. We then have a long walk to some circular pre-Inca ruins. Here we can view the exhilarating ALPAMAYO (5,947mt-19,505ft); considered to be the most beautiful pyramid-shaped mountain in the world. Winner of the competition of scenic beauties, carried out in Munich - Germany in 1963, obtaining the titles of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN IN THE WORLD; other mountains we will see on our walk are: Tayapampa (5,637mt-18,489ft) and Jancarurish (5,578mt-18,295ft). We´ll arrive at camp after a 7-hour walk. From camp, we can visit Jancarurish Lake (4,250mt-13,940 ft).


We cross the river, which comes from Jancarurish Lake, using the stones in the riverbed. Then, we take the path upward, while viewing the mountains behind us and Jancarurish Lake at the foot of Alpamayo. We climb in zigzag fashion to Cara Cara pass (4,830mt-15,842ft). We descend the other side with the Moyobamba valley to our left. We can see Safuna Lake on the right. We descend to a bridge, which we cross, and to reach camp Huillca. (4,000mt-13,200ft). 7 hour walk.


We continue upwards, walking between huge rocks, where we may see vizcachas. We will walk through areas of Taulli shrubs (Lupins) to reach Yanta queñua gulch or Yanajanca pass. (4,600mt-15,080ft.) Here we can see imposing Mt. Pucahirca (6,050mt-19,840ft) to our right and two small lakes in the valley below. We descend, veering right and left, directly to Tzactaycocha Lake, which you have already seen from the pass. After lunching there, we descend through shrubs to a flat area, which connects with the path coming down from Jancapampa camp (3,600mt-11,800ft). Here we can see Mt. Pucahirca. 7 hour walk.


We walk to Pishgopampa and after a long ascent; arrive at Tupa Tupa pass (4,400 mt-14,430ft). We have a great view of Contrahiervas, Chopicalqui, and Ulta. We descend until we can see a small lake. We will see imposing Taulliraju and Pucahirca. After a long walk along the left side of the canyon, we cross a bridge to reach Huecrococha lake (3,950mt-12,950ft), where we make camp. 7-hour walk.


We ascend taking the right-hand path, observing the beauty of the lake. We have a long walk to an area where we can see two species of Lupins (Taulli). We continue to the high pass of Pucaraju (4,650mt-15,250ft). Here we will have a spectacular view of various mountains: Contrahiervas, Chopicalqui, Huascarán, Huandoy Pucajircas and Taulliraju. We then descend through small forests of Quenuales (an underground stream keeps this path moist). We continue to the Huaripampa valley, walking through shrubs and forests of Quisuar and Quenuales, before arriving at Paria camp (3,800mt-12,460ft). From here, we have a beautiful view of Chacraraju and Paria. 7 hour walk


We have a long descent through the Huaripampa valley, traversing areas of shrubs and forests of native trees. We pass very close to small Torococha Lake in an area called Cachenapampa. Lower down, we take the right-hand descent; pass over a bridge in the small village of Yanatzac. We then ascend to the right to Vaqueria (3,700mt-12,135ft).
Here, we await vehicle, which will take us to Huaraz. 5 hour walk, 3-bus ride. Dinner at your own expenses.

End of our services.

Price includes:

  • High Mountain Guides bilingual, in English. Assistant to High Mountain Guide (more than 11 pax).
  • Transfers from Huaraz to the different starting points and end of the trekking.
  • All camping gear
  • Meals mentioned at the end of each day in the itinerary.
  • All necessary staff
  • Entrance ticket National Park.
  • First-aid kit, permanent assistance.
  • Therma rest foam mattress
  • First-aid kit including emergency oxygen bottle.

Price does not include:

  • Personal equipment
  • Backpacks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Walking stick
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance


*If your clients prefer not to bring their sleeping bag or walking stick we can rent them at an additional cost. Please let us know in advance so we can book these items.

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