Upon arrival, assistance and transfer to the port in the Infierno Native Community. On our way, we will make several stops searching for species such as the Great Pootoo, the Purus Jacamar and the White-Throated Jacamar. Once at the port, while we wait to embark, we will have a chance to see species of oropendolas, tanagers and flycatchers. And off course we will have the chance to catch river views and landscapes along the road that takes to the Infierno Port.
During our speed boat trip, we will have the opportunity to see riverine birds such as the Cocoi Heron, the Capped Heron, some parrots and macaws in flight and, with luck we may even spot a flock of Sand-Colored Nighthawks, or other rare species. Capibaras, Side necked turtles and caymans can also be featured along the river shores.
Upon arrival to the lodge we will be greeted and will receive some useful recommendations and information to ensure an enjoyable stay.
After a short rest, we will make a short introductory walk to search for some nocturnal species, such as the Tawny-Bellied Screech-Owl, and with some luck we may observe the Great Horned Owl. Nigth monkeys and jungle curious insects can also be spoted like for instance: false tailess scorpions, great grasshoopers, tarantulas among others.
Dinner and accommodation.


We will walk directly to Lake Cocococha, a 5 ½ km hike, which we will attempt to make as early as possible, to enjoy birdwatching,landscaping and outstanding fauna like tamarin monkeys, red howlers, capuchin monkeys among others. During the sunrise, where we may see Horned Screamer, Hoatzin, Anhinga and various types of jacanas, kingfishers, and perhaps Red-Bellied Macaw and Blue and Yellow Macaws. With luck, we may see the rare Agami Heron, Point-Tailed Palmcreeper and Long-Billed Woodcreeper. There are various other specialist lake birds that may accompany us, as well as the chance of seeing endangered Giant River Otters. After a couple of hours rowing around the lake we will return to the lodge, exploring the forest on the way for new species.
We will arrive to the lodge at around 4 pm for a rest before dinner.

After dinner, if we still have some energy, we will go on a boat ride on the river for caiman spotting, with the possibility of seeing species of nocturnal birds such as Ladder-Tailed Nightjar, Common Pootoo and Tropical Screech-Owl.


This morning, we will visit the 42-meter-high tower, in order to view canopy birds. Some species which can be observed include Gilded Barbet, Amazonian Pygmy-Owl, Purple-Throated Fruit Crow, White-Necked Puffbird, Paradise Tanager, Turquoise Tanager, Green and Gold Tanager, as well as the chance of seeing species of macaws, parrots, toucans and aracaries, and with a lot of luck the extremely endangered Harpy Eagle. Then we will return to the lodge, looking for understory and ground-level birds on the way and monkeys or other fauna species such as white lipped peccaries.

We will embark on a walk of the Lake Chica trail, entering Big Tree trail and leaving from La Torre trail. This walk will pass through various distinct forest types, allowing us the chance to see perhaps the Blue-Throated Piping Guan, Black-Spotted Bare-Eye, Pale-Legged Hornero, Band-Tailed Manakin, Fiery-Capped Manakin, Cream-Collared Woodpecker and many other species.


We have an early breakfast and get ready for our departure from the lodge. Speed boat transfer to the Infierno Native Community and from there to Puerto Maldonado.

End of our services.

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